5 tips to start saving the eco-system

Trying to reduce your eco-footprint should be everyone’s goal. In reality, nothing you do in your normal life would cause severe destruction on the eco-system, but if everyone tried as much as they could, the environment would be lovelier. There are also incredible benefits for your personal life as well including health and physique.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at 5 amazing tricks and techniques that you can use in order to help save the environment from your home.


1.  Lower your electricity usage Simple things such as pulling the plugs when you don’t use the technology (or buying power strips and turning the switch off), putting more blankets in the winter to lower the thermostat by a bit, and using compound fluorescent light bulbs. Those are all easy ways that will tremendously reduce your electricity, reducing your eco-footprint AND your electricity bill by a considerable amount.

2.  Recycling Now, this is already mandatory in a lot of places so most of you are probably already putting the plastic away from the glass. If you don’t have recycling laws in your country or state it’s not a bad idea to start on your own. The whole thing is as easy as having multiple bins and remembering to use them. An incredibly easy way to save the Earth and teach yourself consistency.

3.  Use your car less Leave the car in the garage more, use it only for emergencies and long trips. Going to the grocery store, the nearby gym or your favorite café can be done by walking or public transport. You can also join a carpool to share your car with other people, a great way to cut down gas costs and make friends as well as helping the planet. It’s also an amazing idea to invest in a bike and use that instead (even as far as not using a car altogether) this is a great way to stay in shape and train more.

4.  Take showers over baths Baths use considerably more water that showers. Invest in an efficient showerhead and you’re good to go. This will cut your water usage significantly meaning you give more to saving the environment and less to the water bills. Overall an easy and impactful technique to reduce your eco-footprint.

5.  Invest in a good refrigerator Old refrigerators are extremely energy inefficient. On top of that the refrigerator is the largest consumers of energy in your household. Help save the environment by buying a modern, efficient refrigerator with an excellent energy rating, great longevity and incredible durability. New refrigerators are almost 40% more efficient than those made 10 years ago. If you truly wish to reduce your eco-footprint and help the environment get a new refrigerator. You also get reduced energy bills, now that’s a great bargain!


Now you’re equipped with the knowledge and prowess to reduce your eco-footprint and help save the environment tremendously. Follow these 5 tricks and techniques and you’ll be a person who not only gets to call themselves environmentally-friendly, but also get to pay less bills for electricity, water and more. Helping the Earth we live in can be awesome and easy from your home!

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