Causes Of Global Warming

global warmingThe Earth has cycled through several phases of warming and cooling its billions of years through the processes. Global warming as you all know is increasing day by day. There are many factors involved in global warming. But the major causes of global warming are:

1) GREENHOUSE EFFECT- Greenhouse effect is caused by the emission of gasses like methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and many other gasses in the atmosphere. This causes the formation of the thick blanket around the surface and does not allow the gasses to go outside. Due to this the temperature of the earth and environment increases. Higher is the concentration of the greenhouse gasses, more heat energy will reflect back to the earth. The largest source of greenhouse gas is burning of fossil fuel. It emits the carbon dioxide in large quantity. Many natural factors contribute to the greenhouse effect, but most of it occurs very slowly over many millennia. It can be built with anything that passes sunlight.

2) ATTITUDE TOWARDS NATURE- Consuming more heat, using plastic bags which are not recyclable, using cars for short distance, all these release carbon dioxides in large quantity. And in spite of knowing all these things not giving attention towards nature. We are accelerating the natural climatologically with our human-created emissions of greenhouses gasses. The primary gas carbon dioxide is released every time you see fossil fuels, currently our main energy source.

3) NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS- Another major cause of global warming is nuclear power plants. These nuclear power plants generate nuclear waste in large quantity. This nuclear waste is even more dangerous than Co2 and produces such harmful waste radiations which are harmful to the environment and you also.

4) NOT USING ENERGY EFFICIENTLY- Using regular light bulbs in place of CFL, using the appliances which consume more energy and electricity. All these allow the emission of carbon dioxide in large quantity.

5) ANTHROPOGENIC CAUSES- Anthropogenic causes are the ones which are caused due to human activities. The most prominent cause among all is man-made pollution. A large part of this pollution is attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. When these fossil fuels they let out a large amount of carbon dioxide which is yet another greenhouse gas which traps heat within the atmosphere and adds to the problem. In the case of humans, it will affect food and water and other general amenities. All these factors are the major causes of global warming. It’s upon individual how you want to handle the situation. Using energy efficiently and changing attitude towards nature will help fighting global warming. Many people believe that global warming is a slow process, and it will take centuries to be in a devastated state, but they forget that the causes creating it are rapidly rising. The rate at which we are contributing raised considerable. Some people state that global warming is false, it living in a hallucination. There are human fingerprints on carbon overload.

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