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Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.08.29 PMFor anyone interested in the pool service and pool cleaning business (Integrity Pools), there are really some great secrets that you should really know about companies dealing with the swimming pool business.

Unfortunately not any of these companies want to reveal these secrets. So many of these companies exist and it always hard in determining the one that really suits someone. Below explains some of the secrets that most of these companies wont reveal to you.

One of the secrets is skipping of pool cleaning. For a techninician that has more pools to clean on his pool service schedule, has high chances of skipping pool cleaning. They normally do this just to compensate for the lost time. Most of the companies who are in the swimming pool business and their business is in the growing stage, often have so many pool clients and in most cases don’t have enough employess to cater for this growth.

It’s always good to give this companies benefit of doubt instead of just having assumption that the technician skipped the pool cleaning. In cases where you have feelings that the pool service for cleaning was overlooked, it’s good to ask for a drop ticket from the technician.  Most of the reputable companies leave tickets on the doors of the clients that show in detail what chemicals they used, what the pool condition is and the services given. All these provides a proof that the technician actually did the job.

Secondly, there has been a great downfall with most of the national swimming pool companies offering the pool service. One of the notable downfall is the high turnover rate. Most of these companies have employees who are inexperienced and with minimal training, most of the pool technicians are mainly engineers, chemists and plumbers. They come in handy when doing pool repairs.

Pool service that are paid monthly are low comparing to other services given to homes, this contributes to new employees being given a low pay. This also results to getting employees that are unqualified. Building a relationship takes a bit of time hence its always adivisable to look for the professionals that are experienced and have the willingness of performing the pool service for a long period.

Thirdly, some of the pool service companies charge more for the chemicals used in the pool. Most of the people complain that they were charged a high rate for the chemicals used. It is important to note that many of the pool service companies have a flat rate on the chemicals regardless on the amount used.

Sometimes due to some changes in seasons and gas prices, the service charges may go up but in that case ensure that you pay a flat rate that you approved. Ensure you do not pay extra money for the extra chlorine or even acid. On the other hand a standard case may arise where a technician uses a special chemical that is specifically purchased for your pool. Next let’s talk about the parts used in the pool repairs.

The major income for pool service companies comes from the repairs. They get the repair parts for fewer amounts and sell them for high prices just as is the case with the automobile shop. You should always be on the look for the technician who opts to use used parts for the repairs instead of the new ones. The parts could be coming from a customer who just acquired new equipment. Always take time to view the equipment before installing it.

Lastly, ensure that you hire pool services and pool cleaning services from the right company. This is because the swimming pool licensing is a confusing concept and it’s mainly dependent on the state that you are located in.

In some state, the tax collector is used for the registration and even identification number for the employer. The tricky part comes in when you are doing major repairs that may require one to have a contractor license.

Small companies offering the pool service prefers to sub contract their repairs to big companies that offer specialization of pool repairs. Make sure you talk to the technician involved about the licenses required for any repairs and service requested. This will prevent you from being on the wrong side of the law.

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